Dear Colleagues,

We cordially invite you and your co-workers to attend and participate in the 8th World Congress on Trauma, Shock, Inflammation and Sepsis - TSIS 2010 – which will take place from March 9th to 13th, 2010 in Munich.

In conjunction with TSIS 2010 we will also present the 23rd SIS-Europe Congress on Surgical Infections (www.SIS-E.org) as well as the 2nd Interdisciplinary Summit on Inflammation.

TSIS 2010 represents a worldwide unique medical conference with special emphasis on translational research and the biomedical sciences. As in all previous conferences since 1988 also the program of TSIS 2010 will be distinguished by its unsurpassable scientific excellence and breadth of interdisciplinary coverage.

Allocated unto the four scientific program sections - Cell-/Molecular Biology, Pathophysiology, Monitoring/Imaging and Therapy - more than 120 topics as listed in this website are available for the submission of free communication abstracts that will be discussed in oral-, oral poster- and oral sessions.

The Arthur E. Baue Award will be presented in several categories for the best of peer reviewed science projects presented during TSIS 2010. With the support of the industrial sponsors TSIS 2010 Travel Awards will be given for the top 30 abstracts selected for presentation.

The 2nd International Summit of Inflammation will convene prominent basic and clinical scientists to present a most up-to-date exchange on the current and future perspectives of that complex disease entity. During the most recent years our understanding predominantely of innate immune response mechanisms and thus in parallel also the insight into the pathology at the cellular and molecular level of chronic and acute inflammatory diseases has been revolutionized. And yet, notwithstanding these developments, we have to accept that still in many facets of inflammatory morbidity, major disparities exist between the novel advances of immunobiologic science and its conversion into clinically relevant progress of patient treatment. Thus, the illumination of numerous unsolved but critically important issues in the understanding and treatment of acute sterile and nonsterile inflammation associated with major tissue injury and sepsis, as well as of chronic inflammatory diseases, like autoimmunity induced cell dysfunction, atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome, represents the major focus of the Summit of Inflammation during TSIS 2010.

Besides the development of new biomarkers, sophisticated gene-expression profiling as well as rapid point-of-care blood diagnostics, groundbreaking progress for the monitoring of systemic diseases and the effectiveness of specific immunotherapies can be expected from the emerging technology of molecular imaging (MI). With the use of molecular markers and magnetic nanoparticles, molecular imaging as a novel in-vivo technology, allows us to look at the cell surface as well as to observe intracellular functional processes. Via MI intraorgan defects or otherwise undetectable tissue inflammation can be spotted noninvasively.

Further on, the scientific program of TSIS 2010 will also traditionally comprise a wide spectrum of sessions that are related to emerging therapeutic strategies and encourage the critical dispute between basic and clinical scientists about the prospects of success of new avenues for therapeutic interventions presented. Special emphasis will be given to the discussion of antimicrobial therapy of the critically ill in terms of resistance, new targets of drug activity and the need for new antibacterial drugs. Modern treatment options and prevention paradigms in sepsis and multiple organ failure with new concepts on vaccination and modern immunotherapeutic avenues will be discussed.

The program organized in conjunction with the 23rd SIS-Europe Congress on Surgical Infections will present extensive information with symposia on the management of intraabdominal infection prevention and control of postoperative nosocomial infections, as well as on the modern management of necrotizing tissue infections.

TSIS 2010 will also highlight the discussion on the feasibility for the application of multiple tools of regenerative medicine and stem cell biotechnology for the therapy of chronic and acute inflammation disease entities.

Finally, a most present topic entitled “The impact of adipose tissue biology on the treatment options for patients with morbid obesity” with a specific focus on the role of metabolic surgery will be closely scrutinized.

Please come and attend the 8th World Congress on Trauma, Shock, Inflammation and Sepsis - TSIS 2010. We promise you master class scientific information together with a unique platform of discussion between the scientists from basic and clinical research from academic institutions and industry. As during all previous TSIS congresses, we will again provide for our guests and their accompanying friends a superb social activities program through the days of their congress visit. We promise you unforgettable days during TSIS 2010 in Munich, a vital, active open and cosmopolitan meeting place, a city, characterized through a wide spectrum of cultural wealth as well as warm-hearted hospitality.

We are looking forward to welcome you and your co-workers in Munich for TSIS 2010.

The TSIS 2010 Organizing Committee

Eugen Faist, M.D., FACS
Professor of Surgery
Congress Chairman
Department of Surgery
Ludwig Maximilians-University
Campus Grosshadern
Munich, Germany

© 2009 Eugen Faist, M.D., FACS Prof. of Surgery Department of Surgery Campus Grosshadern
8th World Congress on
March 9th – 13th, 2010,
Munich, Germany
in Conjunction with the
23rd SIS-Europe Congress
on Surgical Infections

and the
2nd Interdisciplinary Summit
on Inflammation
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